Drissia Abid - Painter & Sculptor


Drissia Abid

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” So goes the traditional rhyme for what a bride should wear at her wedding for good luck and this can also be used to describe the paintings of Ms. Drissia Abid.

Drissia’s unabashed love for painting results in a surprising and vigorous invention of the group scene, the night club, the party, the group picture or the classical portrait which weave invention with tradition in a daring expression on canvas while evoking the sense of the carnival or whimsical nature of Marc Chagall, the lament of James Ensor, the sobriety of Robert Motherwell with the vigor of George Braque or a romantic spin upon Pablo Picasso’s early cubism and the serenity of George Rouault’s canvases.

This expression in Drissia’s paintings likewise captivates a sense of the dichotomy between comedy and tragedy which, as in life, seem to balance one another. Here again in Ms. Abid’s work these seem to coexist with a sense of relief in the form of the musical instrument, or the musician, and a passion for music, which herald and inform the structure and theme of her compositions and her work in general along with the strong and convincing spirit she has for play and optimism.

Luckily, for the art world, Drissia’s expressions have evolved into the sculptural realm with her equally convincing bronze works of an unfailing attention to her artistic expression. A must see..